How It Works:

1. Click the "Buy Now" to purchase 1 Hour of studio time. (To purchase more than 1 hour please email me at

2. Write your name, email & a subject, then send a message informing your studio time. (Do not try to book sessions for free. We see the paypal notifications.)

3. You will recieve a reply email with a listing of hours the studio is open. Your time will be negotiated from there!


Success! Message received.

note* If your session is booked and you cannot make it to said session, please inform Shamu of Drumdummie at least 1 day prior. Any less will result in a missed session and your money WILL NOT be refunded, and your sesson WILL NOT be rescheduled.


Sessions are $50 an Hour. If your song is finished in 30 Minutes or less a total of $25 will be refunded to you.